Glass doors & Steel bars

Worcester | Custom design items | Completed | 2019

Living on a farm in the winelands, the client approached us to conceptualise security solution for the main farmhouse, while being respectful to the heritage and history of the building. With limited space between the existing windows and shutters, the burglar bars had to be well considered. The result is a unique slim minimalist bar which echoes the lines of the windowpanes. They blend in with the closed window or the landscape outside when the window is open. This slim bar design is carried through to the security grid on the atrium.

Continuing with this visual minimalist approach, a frameless glass door has been integrated into the existing front door. This now allows for the front door to stand open during the day, letting in natural light into the previous dark “voorkamer”, a visual connection to the garden and vineyards and ultimately providing a level of nearly invisible security. This concept was repeated at one of the French doors of the house.