house on the hill

Worcester | Concept Proposal | 2020

Located at the end of a cul-de-sac, this untouched piece of land is nearly fully surrounded by a conservation area allowing for spectacular views of fynbos hills and mountains. The site is steep and exposed to the elements. A strong north-west winter winds and rain battering the site, while the south-east wind howls in summer. The client envisioned an industrial style home: a steel frame structure with bagged face brick infill, and minimal interior finishes and interventions. A home that will blend in with its surroundings over time, and with the main living area look out onto the hills.

The design challenge was to touch the earth as lightly as possible and maximise the views while mitigating the climate and elements. Thus, the floor plan is made up of two wings which are connected with a passage, creating two courtyard stoeps. The house hovers above the ground on steel columns to minimise cutting into the earth. This allowed for the garage and storerooms to be tucked under the building. Sliding shutters and overhangs protect against the harsh afternoon sun, and the monopitch roof allows for future solar panels. The floor layout places the living area and main bedroom in one wing, a forward thinking idea for one day when the kids are out of the house.