Rietdakkie Farmstall & Kitchen

R43, Botha, Western Cape | New Building | 2020

The new home for the farmstall is a contemporary interpretation of local farm shed vernacular, infused with modern day functionality, simplicity and a locally inspired materials palette. The new building draws inspiration for its grounded and heavy stone walls from the stones found in the surrounding winelands (often used in low werf walls and shed walls of by-gone days), and its industrial light-weight roof covering from the shed aesthetics of the Breedekloof farms.

Set between the Witzenberg and Slanghoek mountains, the building is snuggled between vineyards, gumtrees and the R43 road. The double volume steel “shed” structure forms the core of the building: uninterrupted and clean space for the farm stall and restaurant, as the “wet services” have been pushed out to the flanks. The kitchen leads off from the long serving counter and the bathrooms are placed on the opposite side, accessed from the stoep. This allows for uninterrupted wall space for shop displays and mountain views through the full-length windows set back at the gable ends of the building. This functionality meets passive design principles and helps create a green and sustainable building.