VISI COLLAB: Mia Mélange + MD Architects | MASKS

VISI Collab with Mia-Melange | Graphic Design

We teamed up with local design brand Mia Mélange to create a limited-edition range of hand-drawn 100% cotton face masks, exclusively for VISI! And it’s for a good cause! These fabric face masks come in a custom bag and are available in four different designs, ideal for mixing and matching. The hand-drawn doodles are inspired by the COVID-19 lockdown: BLACKJACK: Silhouettes of seeds, reminiscent of walks in the veld. ELLIPSIS: … playing with the dots, waiting patiently for the future. TRIAD: The strength of the triangle: carrying the past, present and future. LOCKED: Inspired by the pad “lock” of lockdown, pulling towards freedom.

For more information on the masks, check out this blog post by Mia Mélange and VISI. All proceeds from the Visi collab masks will be donated to FoodFlow.

The masks and bags are all individually hand-drawn by Mieke Droomer and sewn by Scholar Chadengura from Mia Mélange. All tags and packaging were designed in-house.